Monday, 11 December 2017


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Here’s a peek into my current tutorial project - multi-colour Cluny tatting.
Georgia asked whether I could do a tutorial on 3-coloured Cluny leaves. Always up for a challenge and broadening my horizons!
But first I had to refresh my memory, hence started with a Hanging Cluny in single colour. Then went on to 2 and 3 colours, with a bit of experimentation in the repeats.
These are merely my practice & experimental pieces.
I find myself unable to make a diamond-shaped tally; it invariably turns into a spindle or leaf. Not that I mind, personally - I like this shape.

Then on to regular tallies in 4 colours (inset shows  a close-up)
The last one in purple has uneven number of passes – 2 purple and 1 mustard.
All woven on a card stock loom with tapestry needles.

These are all done with scrap threads, hence colours may not be as distinguishable. For the pdf, I am using other colours.

Dagmar Pezzuto is the only one I know who has made 2 and 3 colour tallies. I watched her video and made a few of my own tiny tweaks.

For the pdf I thought a sequential presentation from 1 to more colours will be a good idea? It does increase the number of pages, but it will also keep everything under one roof and progress logically. It also gives us a chance to refresh our memory before embarking into multiple colours.

QUESTION : Do you prefer this type of all-in-one pictorial or only one separate 3-coloured Cluny Tatting pictorial ?

The weaving itself is very easy and basic, but I must admit that it takes a bit of practice to  manage the many threads required for coloured weaving ;-P I've gotten better!

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Happy tatting always :-)

Saturday, 9 December 2017

whizzing past

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I wanted to share the next few rounds of Agnieszka’s Doily #10 (zabawa pikotek) together in one post. But Round 7 may take a while because I’m busy with a pictorial and don't want to lose focus. So might as well get this off my list.

I returned to dot picots for 6th round. A ‘repeat’ of the 2nd round.
Surprisingly, even with all that switching between shuttles for dot picots the round went smoothly and quickly.
I tried to make the dot picots mock rings (SCMR) instead of thrown rings, to avoid switching shuttles But the latter was easier and came out better for me. Moreover, I kind of got into the rhythm and didn't mind at all. 

In Anchor size 40, it now measures 8” or 20½ cms.

Next round is again flowers. 
Carollyn suggested different colour for the center of the flowers. I've been thinking of interspersing all pinks with a cream center to avoid an overload of pink. Think it will work???

Check out Frywolaga's latest post. The invitation is open till the end of the month. I think it's a cool way to begin designing. With the pattern all laid out, and no trials/tribulations for stitch count, etc. all one needs is to play with the picot and create our own version!

Don’t you love when the day’s tatting & designing is stress-free and relaxing!

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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

slow colour fast colour

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The power of colour often amazes me!
And I don’t mean the usual aesthetics and visual appeal of our colour choices and placement.
Go a step beyond to the speed and pace of working. eg. certain colours in finer thread merge with my skin tone making it difficult to eyeball picots, etc.
This time I experienced an even greater power! 
Colour affected my involvement and motivation!!!

For this round I deliberately chose a darker green - thought it would make a statement ;-P
I even had my husband select from an assortment of colours (without telling him my preference) and he also chose this. Yet, as I worked, it had me on edge continuously. And after every couple of elements I would wonder about my choice and stow it away. The shade seemed overbearing in real (and hubby agreed – no, he’s absolutely Not a yes-man!!).
Took me several days of uninspired working to do just the 2 arms of simple rings and chains.

Frustrated, I coloured in some options in Sketch Guru, and tried a combination – green rings/cream chains & vice versa. Ugh it looked bad!
Rejected everything and went to the safe option of similar colour strength.

So much better and even tatting went smoothly, rapidly, and happily thereafter ! The entire round was done in 3 days flat.
This time I chose simple decorative picots. I like how the rings are joined to create those angles!

Round 5 in size 40 measures 7 inches or almost 18 cms tip to tip.
2 shuttles used because of thrown/floating rings.

But you know I'm wondering whether I was wrong again. The pastel green has brought the pink into too much prominence. There's yet another round of these flowers! Sigh, will just live with it for now and see what happens. It does look and feel good in real though.

‘fast’ colours make for happy tatting  J

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